Can You Guess the Celebrity Engagement Ring? (Spoiler Alert: This Is Depressing)

One of the best/worst things about celebrity culture is living vicariously through their glamorous lifestyles. Fancy wedding dresses and secret nuptials are nice, but when the ladies sport engagement rings the size of a bowling ball, everything goes out the window (because that's all we're looking at anyway).

See how well you know these celeb engagement rings — and if you have one nearly as big as they do, we salute you.

The Gossip Table breaks down some of the biggest engagement rocks in Hollywood.

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Answer: Lady Gaga

As if we weren't envious enough, this celeb got her ring from a Magic Mike XXL star.

Answer: Sofia Vergara

This reality TV star is bound 2 her ring.

Answer: Kim Kardashian

This mommy of two is the rock of her family (pun intended).

Answer: Jessica Alba

This Latina beauty has a gorgeous ring and gorgeous man to go with it.

Answer: Penelope Cruz

This celeb got her man to put a ring on it.

Answer: Beyoncé

This celeb's ring is one the Upper East Siders would most definitely approve of.

Answer: Blake Lively

This new engaged star is as smitten with her man as we are with her ring.

Answer: Nikki Reed

This ring screams royalty.

Answer: Kate Middleton

With a ring like this, I'd be anything but a gone girl.

Answer:  Jennifer Garner

The actress' rock is nothing short of a slam dunk.

Answer: Gabrielle Union

This celeb's NFL hubby scored off the field with this engagement ring choice.

Answer: Jessie James Decker

As you can see, this supermodel has a super huge ring.

Answer: Gisele Bundchen

This friend is finally getting her happy ending.

Answer: Jennifer Aniston

This celeb's ring is so on point, we don't have to think too hard about it.

Answer: Jessica Simpson

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