Are You Ready For a Second Serving of 'Martha And Snoop'?

You won't believe all the A-list friends they're bringing in the kitchen for season 2!

Hungry? Get ready to treat yourself to another heaping helping of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, which will be back for a second season starting Monday, October 16th at 10pm.

Everyone's favorite chef duo is back to deliver more awesome foodie fests, packed with all your favorite guests, cool cocktails and tons of delicious grub. And if you thought last season's treats like the whole hog barbecue and homemade sushi were insane, you've only reached the tip of the ice balls. The second season will be hitting back with litty recipes around themes like birthday party, Chinese food, Halloween and of course, holiday dinner. And just wait because we haven't even begun talking about the guests.

The word about Martha and Snoop's knockout feasts must have gotten out because their A-list friends like Diddy, Wendy Williams, Jamie Foxx and Don Cheadle will all be stopping by the dinner party to get a plate. And guess what? The kitchen will get extra steamy when celebrity foodies like Patti LaBelle, Margaret Cho and Kelly Rowland touch down to bless the table with something super satisfying.

Get ready to dig in and fill your plate with some more Martha and Snoop on October 16th at 10pm., and don't forget to check back in on for delicious Martha & Snoop recipes!

Last season, while enjoying their pizza Snoop Dogg, Bella Thorne and Fifty Cent help Martha Stewart explore her talents in writing pizza porn.