Sneak Peek: We Were All Erica Mena in This Moment When Tokyo Vanity Came For Keely’s Entire Career at the 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Reunion

That had to sting a little bit.

Tokyo Vanity didn't join this season to play around.

Tokyo Vanity has no issue in letting Keely know that she is not the one. In the sneak peek to part two of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, Tokyo has time for any and everyone who tries to play her. Tabius begins speaking about his back-in-the-day cameo in Karlie Redd's music video, sparking a conversation about Keely's actual role as a manager. Apparently Keely- who "ran the company at that time"- managed Tabius alongside the father of her child Bleu Da Vinci. The fact that she had a position like that is laughable to Tokyo who tells Keely she hasn't "broke an artist yet" and as an alleged A&R, Tok hasn't seen ol' girl "A" or "R."

All jokes aside (kind of) Tokyo expresses to Keely that she doesn't want any smoke by passionately stating,

B--h you tried to bully me. You thought I was square. B--h you will not pick on me. B---h if I was a booger you not gonna pick me. Don't pick me 'cause b---h I ain't the one to be picked. B--h your nose will f--k around and start bleeding if you pick me.

(I did say "kind of.") Back to the matter at hand, Keely defends her claim that Tabius and Karlie hooked up back in the day, but it seems as if no one is entertaining that noise.

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