Here's What Advice Kelly Rowland Would Give to Hakeem Lyon's Girl Group on 'Empire'

Take notes, ladies.

When Empire's Hakeem Lyon announced on the show that he wanted to put together a girl group, many of us thought that he just wanted a new rotation of women to sleep with. (Love you, H, but you have yet to actually prove that theory wrong.)

Here's hoping Keem makes good on his promise of bringing in new talent to Dynasty, and if he does, Kelly Rowland has some advice for the ladies Keem is looking to mentor. We suggest that all you aspiring girl group members get out your notepads and pens. You're going to want to write down what the former Destiny's Child member has to say.

Kelly, who plays Leah Walker (Lucious' mom) on the show, spoke to us about Empire, whether or not she'd want Cookie to be her manager, and girl groups in general. As it turns out, Kelly is in the process of assembling an all-female group of her own.

"I’m putting together my own girl group," she says. "I’ve been working on this project for a while, and I have BET on my side. I’m actually documenting the whole journey. I told [BET] I was gonna do that and they were like, ‘Well we want to be involved.’ And I was like, 'It’ll be awesome,' and they are. So we’re doing the show, and it’s gonna be out next year."

Before you lose your shit, we have to put your dreams of a Destiny's Child second coming on hold. Kelly couldn't spill too much tea on the project just yet, as she's still in the process of "finding the girls, grooming them, and getting them ready for the music industry." She is an IRL Cookie Lyon at this moment. FYI, she agrees with that statement.

Find out what Kelly had to say about Empire here, and listen to her song from the show, "Mona Lisa," below.

What advice would you give to Hakeem Lyon's girl group?

Well, if you’re in a group, you have to think as a group. Honestly, that’s the best advice you could give, especially to girls. 'Cause females, we can be catty. So it’s just really important to be always support each other, definitely.

Would you want Cookie to be your manager or producer?

Yo, Cookie is ride or die. Absolutely.

In what ways do you think your character demonstrates the strong bond between mother and son?

I think the very core of Leah is love. She absolutely, unconditionally loves her son. And because of her illness, that makes it a bit challenging, for some things she can and can’t deal with at the moment. But where she and I are completely alike, we love our children, and would do anything for them to make them happy. And you find out more about the story of how far Leah’s willing to go. So it’s really amazing.