Remember Alexis Neiers from 'Pretty Wild' and the Bling Ring? She's a Doula Now

From Bling Ring-er to baby birther.

Remember Alexis Neiers? She was a really big deal in 2009. Why? Well, she and her friends used to break into the homes of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, and Rachel Bilson. They were known as the Bling Ring. You may recall the 2013 Sofia Coppola movie about them, or this amazing clip from her E! show Pretty Wild that never, ever gets old.

After years of felony burglary, jail time, and addiction to heroin, alcohol, Xanax and Oxycontin, you might be surprised to know that Neiers is doing great these days. She actually went on to become a drug counselor and is now a doula. Yes, the former Bling Ringer could potentially help bring your child into this world!

After a rough time in her teens, Neiers is now focused on helping women and victims of abuse.

"It’s hard to look at severe trauma or early childhood sexual trauma, like being raped, which I was later on in my life, too or any of these traumatic experiences as a positive thing, but it really benefits these girls when I go to Acadia. My intention isn’t to fix them or help them, but to talk to them and really hear them. I acknowledge their feelings and relate to them. I just go there out of love. I learned that helping others helps me. My heart is working with young, addicted moms."

Well done, Alexis. Even Nancy Jo would be proud.