Rick Ross Explains Why He Was Rooting So Hard for Rapper Just Juice

And it wasn't just because of his bucket hat and leather pants.


On this week's episode of SIGNED, the moguls decided to shake things up by inviting other artists to audition. More artists coming in means that some artists will have to leave to make room, so the moguls weren't playing around. Enter Just Juice, a rapper who caught Rick Ross' eye from the moment he opened his mouth. Ross was so into his sound that he straight up debated The-Dream and Lenny S. comparing Just Juice to Eminem. Ross "ain't trippin'" he knows that "Eminem is one of one," but Just Juice had some potential to develop into an artist with the same level of success in Ross' mind.

Ross was really into the rapper's leather pants, bucket hat, and 80's hip-hop vibe, but Lenny S. insisted that he wouldn't know who to market the rapper to. Ross was really looking to sign a "cool white boy" to represent "the playful" side of hip-hop, but in the end, The-Dream sided with Lenny and we said goodbye to Just Juice and his leather pants.


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