Jake Gyllenhaal Wants Candy, Smashes Things in New 'Demolition' Trailer

He'll probably get nominated for an Oscar.

Jake Gyllenhaal has bulked up, slimmed down, and navigated a flooded Manhattan for his films. But do you know what he hasn't done? Eat M&M's and smash things. Now this is where the Oscar bait truly lives.

Sir Gyllenhaal is in luck, because he does both things in his upcoming flick Demolition, that has a trailer out today. All jokes aside, the movie looks great, he'll probably snag and Oscar nomination for it—or at least generate some buzz—but we get distinct 5-year-old tantrum vibes from the trailer. (In the best way possible, of course. "Mommy, I want my snack-treats!") Unhappy a faulty machine deprived him of precious peanut M&M's, Davis (Jake) starts penning long-winded letters to the vending company and ends up spilling his entire life story.

Now, it's more complicated than that. Davis just lost his wife in a car accident and feels pressure from his father-in-law Phil (Chris Cooper) to get his shit together. Mix in an investment banking job he despises, and Davis starts to unravel. When a customer service representative from the vending company, Karen (Empress Naomi Watts), catches wind of the letters, she takes interest and tries to help Davis rebuild his life. The (apparent) solution? Literally smash things. Everything. See? Toddler realness.

Despite our innocent joking, we actually think Demolition looks great and have already started a GoFundMe campaign for tickets. (2015 movie theater prices, ya know?) But are y'all digging it? Sound off in the comments below.

The movie hits theaters April 8, 2016.