Bonus Clip: Stevie Goes Into Full Dad Mode And Warns His Son About Tattoos

"I've got enough tats for both of us."

[mtvn_player height="288" width="512" content_uri=""]Stevie gives his son Stevie Jr. some advice on how not to follow in his footsteps in this Leave It To Stevie bonus clip. After modeling in a father-son photo shoot in which Jr. got henna tattoos of Stevie's actual tattoos, Jr. tells Stevie he's thinking of getting some ink of his own.

Stevie admits to his son that he regrets getting all of his tattoos now that he's older, and recommends that he focus more on moving up in life, and less on the ink he wants on his body. Jr. wants a tattoo about basketball, so Stevie tries to convince him that a jersey is just as good. Only time will tell if his son took the advice.

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