'Martha & Snoop' Try to Settle a Thanksgiving Rivalry With Their Classic Turkey vs. Southern Ham Recipes

Gobble them up!

By Claire Downs

On tonight's hilarious third episode of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, you know it's thankful up in here. But did you know that Thanksgiving has a classic rivalry between turkey and ham? Some families get piggy while others prefer flipping the bird!

Martha Stewart brought her classic "Perfect Roast Turkey" recipe, which involves nearly seven hours of cook and prep time and a whole bottle of white wine. And that's not including any white wine Martha and her sous chef, 2 Chainz drank on their way to preparing the recipe. Last year, Martha made this recipe for 45 people and it was a hit, so you know it's a solid plan.

Snoop Dogg - always the more efficient chef - has his "Honey Blazed Ham" recipe down to a science. With ingredients like brown sugar, pineapple juice and Reo's Seasoning, this ham is straight up the embodiment of Snoop D-O-Double-G down to every last morsel. Clocking in at about 3 hours, it's one of Unc's most complicated recipes (different from his BBQ potato chip fried chicken that he whipped up in about 15 minutes). Here's hoping that Snoop got all the help he needed from his partner, Naya Rivera.

One thing's for sure: both Martha and Snoop are getting lucky after this holiday meal. Watch what happens in the video above when Martha and Snoop break the turkey wishbone. Fingers crossed that their wishes come true!

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