The Challenge in This 'Scared Famous' Sneak Peek Will Make You Want to Sage Your Whole Life

"He's straight mummified at this point, right?"

The one undeniable lesson from every horror movie ever made is that if that you see some weird ish going on, just leave and don't try to investigate. Well it looks like everyone is going to have throw that logic out the window in next week's Scared Famous challenge.

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Everyone clearly looks freaked out that the backyard looks like a scene out of an American Horror Story episode, but they all are relieved to see Redman, who lets them know this is their next challenge. The contestants are given two minutes to run around a pentagram, the scene of a dark ritual, and remember as many details before having to answer a series of questions about what they saw. Drita, being the smart woman that she is doesn't want any part of this, but goes to work observing for the sake of charity. Having to remember little details is hard enough, but with a man laying in the middle of the ground looking mummified, who then jumps up out of nowhere, probably makes the task at hand a little more difficult. Everyone's counting candles, skulls, and cats with bowties, because their life in the house may depend on it.

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