Who's More Hot and Bothered by the New 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer: 'GMA' Anchor Lara Spencer or You?

A hump day that will go down in history.

Joe Manganiello stopped by Good Morning America today to give us the new Magic Mike XXL trailer. As expected, there's abs galore, steamy beach scenery, and an unlimited amount of perfect jawlines to make you want to #ComeAgain for the next installment.

But the best part of getting the latest look was GMA co-host Lara Spencer, who used every bone in her body to keep it in her pants.

"The don't call it magic for nothing!"

Deep stares into Joe's eyes.

Need a towel, Laura?

You're in good company because the trailer is hot — and according to Joe, it's a "cleaned up" version. "Everything is extra, extra large in this one," he said. So we've heard.

Watch the trailer below, and like Lara, have a very happy hump day.

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