#BBHMM: The Funniest Twitter Reactions To Rihanna's New Song

We'll admit it: we jumped the gun yesterday thinking that Rihanna was going to finally drop her long-awaited full length, R8. Like many of you, we stayed up all night refreshing our iTunes until we fell asleep on our Macbook. And when we finally took our face off the keyboard this morning, we came to the cold realization that we still lived in a R8-less world. These past few hours have been an emotional roller-coaster for the Rihanna Navy, and you can watch the drama play out on your Twitter feed.

It was bad enough when everybody woke up and learned that it was not, in fact, the release of a full blown album. But hey, a new single is pretty cool, right?

Oh wait, it's just some snippets. Why must you troll us so hard, Riri?!

And making us all download a random app (before we had our coffee!) didn't really help much.

But then again, some people were really into it!

These folks already have the moves down!

In the end...