Kim Kardashian Just Pissed People Off With This Ad For Her New Beauty Line

This is 50 shades of WTH.

Kim Kardashian West is about to compete with her baby sis Kylie in the cosmetics game with the launch of her very first KKW Beauty product (a contour and highlight kit, in case you were wondering). The problem is, Twitter noticed Kim's skin tone is much darker in the ad than it is in real life and they're not feeling it one bit.

Though Kim has a well-documented obsession with spray tans, this is a completely different ballgame. The tinting of Kim's skin is so noticeable, the reality star is being accused of wearing blackface.

It also doesn't help that within the past couple of weeks, Kim's sisters Khloe and Kylie have both been accused of swiping inspiration from Black celebrities and business owners. Khloe is currently in a legal battle with independent designer Destiney Bleu for allegedly stealing her signature bedazzled bodysuits for her Good American clothing line. Kylie had the internet saying "nah, girl" when she started selling camoflage bikinis, which was originally made popular by Destiny's Child in their "Survivor" video.

Within a couple of hours, Kim's promo pic for KKW was taken down from Twitter, but still remains on Instagram. So what do we think about the ad folks?

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