ICYMI: The Other 'Basketball Wives' Stir the Pot Between Kristen and OG and Then Watch Them Go Off at Each Other

*Sips alcoholic beverage and watch everyone else pop off*

PSA: New Basketball Wives drinking water and minding your business will decrease you're involvement in drama by nearly 100%. Clearly Cece missed the memo because a few minutes after meeting OG, she decided to ask what went down at that pool party.

Considering that they're basically family, it's a little confusing that Cece wouldn't ask Kristen about what happened anywhere other than Malaysia's wig party. But to be fair, Jackie stirred the pot by telling her about it, and Tami made the conversation hot by asking what was going on and now here we are.

Regardless of how the argument started, it got pretty heated because OG and Kristen have very different recollections of what happened. OG thinks that she got called a bitch so she's "not coming to speak to [her] first until [Kristen] address[es] that because that's what happened first." Kristen remembers things different (and according to the replay...she's right). It doesn't really matter who said what first, the lines have been drawn in the sand.

Remember ladies, drink your water (or brown liquor or wine) and mind all of your business.

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