From "Eating Groceries" to "Helmets," K.Michelle Breaks Down Sex Slang In 2018

"The only groceries I want is from Ralph's."

Things are evolving so quickly in 2018. Words we once knew to have a particular definition now have a whole new meaning, mainly with sexual innuendos. Whether it's a word that actually exists in the dictionary or one that was made up, there's a whole new vernacular going around. Lost in conversations? No worries, K. Michelle got you.

According to Merriam-Webster, groceries are (n) items of food sold in a grocery store. As K. Michelle points out courtesy of Jhene Aiko, it's "someone actually putting their face to your backside and using their tongue," and I will let your mind wander with that visual. Although she understands the alternate meaning of the term, she has not yet indulged in any man's um, perishables.

Want to be clear on what "beat it up," "ghosting," or on what a "helmet" is? Watch the full clip above and get hip to the lingo.