The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Kim Osorio

We're ecstatic The Source Magazine's first female Editor-in-Chief, Kim Osorio, has joined our VH1 family. She's become key figure of the male-dominated hip hop industry, beginning her writing career freelancing at The Source, Vibe, and Billboard (to name a few) in the early 90s. Since she's become such a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop industry, there is a lot out there about her. We set out to dig below the surface and give our favorite EIC, and The Gossip Game's resident mediator, The Scoop treatment. From what sparked her love of hip hop to her favorite sparkling accessory. Find out the nine things you never knew about Kim Osorio. 

The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Kim Osario

In case you missed it, check out Kim's business chops at work as she put Ms. Drama in the hot seat after her interview with openly-gay rapper, Montez Love.

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