Momma Dee's Wildest Memes: 'Dipped Back In The Dip Sack'


Ever find yourself writing an article or presentation for your colleagues and after making a point you write, "And in that order!" only to have to delete it because you're talking in Momma Dee speak? Yeah. Us neither.

It may not be appropriate to quote Momma Dee in your PowerPoint presentation, but her comedic outbursts are absolutely appropriate for every day talk with your friends and loved ones. "Ya heard me?" as the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta mom would say. There's a 99 percent chance (of course we can't prove this, just go with it) when Momma Dee opens her mouth she's going to say something that a) will become the new quotable for months to come b) will be so puzzling you'll say, 'What?' c) you'll fall into a fit of laughter or d) all of the above.

Interestingly enough we met Momma Dee backstage at the LHHATL reunion last year. Instead of dropping the Momma Dee colloquialisms we love she wasn't at all interested in the drama on stage and wanted her fellow cast mates to stop cursing so much on TV. It was as if she'd watched herself on TV and had an epiphany. Maybe that's how she felt that day, but as you can see this season she's returned to the woman who made B-I-C-T-H a thing.

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