Nya Lee is Not Feeling Sidney Starr's Rap Flow at All in This Week's Check Yourself For 'Love & Hip Hop'

"Shorty got some confidence, but it's not good."

She needs to practice-ayeee!

In this week's Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop, the cast not only feels that the diner setting is awkward AF, but Sidney Starr's flow is as well. Not-Jaguar-Jaquae no doubt "gets the job done," when it comes to providing dope hooks, but it would help if Sidney knew the name of the person putting in the work. That "chick with the d---k" lyric pretty much left everyone speechless as well. Nya Lee is even more confused given that she spent all those year schasing down Rich Dollaz to work with him and she can't believe this is what Sidney brought to the table. Those "aye, aye, aye's" are more like neigh, neigh, neighs. To the OG, "the flow is horrible, the lyrics is not all of that," and Sidney definitely has a lot of work to do. Salute to the confidence and all but Nya's verdict is, "it's not good."

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Anais's back-and-forth bickering gets so crazy, Cyn doesn't know if they're going to fight or make out. "It's tricky with these people here."

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