The 15 Funniest Scenes from the 'Scary Movie' Franchise

Cindy Campbell 4ever.

Prepare to feel extremely old, y'all. The Scary Movie parody franchise turns 15 today. Yes, on this fateful day in 2000, we were first introduced to Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris) and her gaggle of dimwitted friends. For more than a decade, they've navigated hilarious situations eerily similar to some of your favorite horror films. While the quality of the last two flicks is up for debate—when Lindsay Lohan has to make an appearance, you know things aren't going well—there's no question that all five installments have several hysterical scenes. It was tough, but we sifted through all the Scary Movies and chose the 15 most LOL-worthy bits. Check it out, and let us know if your favorites didn't make our cut in the comments below.

The Opening Scene, Scary Movie

Poor Carmen Electra. She was just trying to eat some popcorn and watch a VIDEO when Ghostface came and screwed everything up. To save herself from this killer, Carmen does what any of us intelligent folks would do: grabs a banana to protect herself (in lieu of useless weapons like guns and knives), runs into the death path, and shows off her sExY bOd~*. The irony in this clip is pretty blatant, but that's what makes it funny. Say what you want about Carmen's "talent," but she definitely kills it here. (Pun always intended.)

Vitamin C Shuts Cindy Down, Scary Movie 2

So random, yet so fantastic. As Cindy is driving up to a haunted mansion in the second movie, she starts singing Vitamin C's quintessential "Graduation Song (Friends Forever)." But as she finishes up the chorus, she gets interrupted by Vitamin C herself through the radio. (Sound logic.) "Hey! Would you shut the f—k up and let me sing?" VC quips. Who knew she was so feisty?!

Buffy Plays Psycho Killer, Scary Movie

Another A+ piece of satire from the first film.

Evil Dead Parody, Scary Movie 5

Alright, so this is more gross and outrageous than anything else, but we had to give SM5 some representation. The scene gets brownie points for the weird AF performances from Sarah Hyland and Shad Moss. Bow Wow always makes things more awesome.

The Rap Battle, Scary Movie 3

"I'm a white boy, but my neck is red. I put Miracle Whip on my Wonder Bread." Enough said.

The Priest Uses the Toilet, Scary Movie 2


Brenda vs. The Ring Girl, Scary Movie 3

Despite dying in the first film, Brenda comes back in SM3 to battle Tabitha, the "whitey down the hole" who is making the TV leak. It's a showdown of epic proportions, but it unfortunately ends in death for Brenda. No matter, because she returns in the fourth movie like nothing happened. Movie magic, dudes. Movie magic.

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen Make a Sex Tape, Scary Movie 5

Self-deprecating humor is the name of the game in this Paranormal Activity spoof, and surprisingly it works.

The Marijuana Monster, Scary Movie 2

Marlon Wayans' SM character Shorty is a legend, and this scene from the second installment is his shining moment. It's just him and a giant-ass blunt. Actual heaven. (Except when the doobie starts smoking Shorty; then, things get weird.)

Queen Latifah is the Oracle, Scary Movie 3

Cindy: "It was the chair." The Oracle: "Yes, the chair."

Blair Witch Project Parody, Scary Movie

Gail Hailstorm (Cheri Oteri) and her cameraman Kenny get chased into the woods by Ghostface in a scene modeled after The Blair Witch Project. It's snot-tastic, tbh.

Saw Parody, Scary Movie 4

Leave it to Cindy to have a fake damn eye and save the day.

Carmen Electra Isn't in Her Bedroom, Scary Movie 4

Carmen plays a blind girl who mistakes the church where her town is meeting for the bathroom. You can guess what happens next.

Buffy Does a Dramatic Reading, Scary Movie

"SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!" If this doesn't make you piss your pants, then you have no soul.

The Opening Scene, Scary Movie 3

Where are Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy's Oscars, am I right? You'll never watch The Ring the same way again.