Jay Z & Beyonce's Next Power Play Could Leave Oprah In The Billion Dollar Dust

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Oprah may have to take another look in her rearview mirror, because Jay Z & Beyonce may be hot on her billion-dollar heels. The Gossip Table breaks down a new venture that could easily capitulate music's First Couple past the entertainment giant on the riches list.

The fight for streaming supremacy was already in progress, thanks to the battle between Spotify and Beats Music. But things will get even more interesting now that Jay Z's Tidal has joined the fray. Earlier this year — Mr. Carter made a $56 million bid to purchase Swedish tech company Aspiro, the parent company behind the streaming service. Aspiro's minority shareholders initially blocked the bid, but later came to their senses, and the deal was finalized this month.

Now that Jay has acquired the hi-fi music service, he's enlisting some of music's top names to call the service home. Watch as the The Gossip Table reveal the big names (RIHANNA!?) joining team Tidal, as well as discuss the power move.