Lenny S. Issues Nilly a Warning to Step It All the Way Up In This 'SIGNED' Highlight Clip

He's hanging on by a thread and Nilly will get cut if he doesn't show versatility...and soon.

Even though it's a competition, The Moguls really believe in the artists that are taking apart of their development process, which is why Lenny S. had to give Nilly some tough love in this SIGNED highlight clip.

Fully immersed in his new role as SIGNED's Lead Intern, JVOTI leads Lenny S. back into the studio, who picks up Nilly on the way. Alone, Nilly straight up asks what he needs to do to be better because he felt like not getting an invite to the LA trip meant he had some room for improvement. He says that all of his sacrifices to be on the show can't be for nothing so he's willing to do what he needs to in order to get signed. Lenny lets him know that they don't doubt his talents, but he has proven to be redundant, using the same lines in all of his work. Nilly is certain he can show that he has what it takes to stay in the competition.

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