Jazz Anderson May Have Been Eliminated on 'SIGNED', But Save Your Tears Because She's Out Here Doing Big Things

Jazz is living her best life right now.

It finally happened. We had to say goodbye to a few day-one artists, Jazz Anderson and Kaiya, after they were eliminated on the third episode of SIGNED.

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Tensions were high in the studio as The-Dream let everyone know who he, Rick Ross and Lenny S. were going to send home. Some of the newbies made it through their auditions and a few didn't, but it was a shock to see Kaiya and Jazz go. Kaiya did a great job in her last performance, however, The Moguls weren't feeling it too much. Jazz on the other hand knew that her performance wasn't the strongest and The-Dream cited her lack of vulnerability as being a major factor in what held her back in her last performance. Feelings were mixed about eliminations, with M. Rose being sad to see her closest friend in the competition go and Just Brittany glad to see Jazz leave after their big blow up last week.

Before you go feeling all sad for Jazz, we sat down with her to see how she's doing since her departure from the show. Part of what sent Jazz home from her final performance was her lack of being vulnerable as an artist so we asked if that's something she's working on.

"So I definitely took The-Dream’s advice…I was raised in a single parent household, and my mom is super strong and you guys see that on Basketball Wives. I can honestly count the number of times I’ve seen my mom cry in front of me in 21 years, so for me I don’t cry a lot. I like to say I want people to get to know who I am in my music so I want them to know that I overcame whatever I was struggling with. So I think The-Dream was just saying, 'It’s ok to cry. It's ok to be like you know I failed at this or whatever it is.' I struggled with this. So I put that in my music, but I always have a victorious story at the end. So I definitely worked on being more open."

She also let us know that she's leaving with no regrets.

"Regardless of how everything went down, it was a once in a lifetime thing to be able to work with those moguls and get advice from them."

The whole process, though short-lived, helped her grow as an artist because it pushed her out of her comfort zone. Aside from an upcoming collaboration with fellow SIGNED artist, Nilly, she has a deal with a record label and a single out right now featuring Tweet called "Oh My (feat. Tweet)".

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