'Black Ink Crew: Chicago''s Nikki Nicole Reveals How Consistent Criticism Led Her to Plastic Surgery

She looks amazing. I'm going to need the doctor's contact.

Not that it's anyone's business, but since the people have been asking, Nikki Nicole keeps it real.

Since we've met Phor's girlfriend Nikki on season 2 of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, fans have been in awe of her beautiful personality and her banging body. Recently the young entrepreneur engaged in an Instagram questions game where she revealed that she has received some enhancements, but just doesn't speak on it.

Instagram recently released a new feature which gives your followers a chance to ask you their burning questions, and your responses will be shared on your Instastory if you're feeling bold. Nikki Nicole decided to play along and at first received the usual calm questions and eventually kept it candid when asked about her voluptuous bod.


nikki nicole

A fan asked, "Where did you get your body done?" and "Nikki replied, "Only got a little booty added so I wouldn't say 'body...' Miami."

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 11.00.49 AM

In a follow up question someone asked, "Absolutely no disrespect. But why did you first deny doing your butt? It looks greattttt btw!" to which Nikki says, "Never denied it. Just don't talk about it often. Everyone that knows me knows. They got the pics when I was going [through] the process."


nikki Nicole

Finally, when someone posed "What made you want to get your butt done? It looks so natural?" Nikki spills it all. "Sisssss the TEA IS!! I was always picked on for a having a bomb shape but no ass lol. SO I got an ass!!! Alllll the time!!! Everyone used to be like damnnnn you have a nice lil body til you turn around lmao"

In this throwback picture from 2014, we see a still curvaceous Nikki:

Posing pretty pre-bawdy.

Nikki has been cute like X-Men been formed (the other Nicki's voice.) Well, you know what they say, if you don't like something change it. Kudos to sis for keeping it 8 more than 92! Serious question though: Can you hook a seester up with the doc info though?