Fangbanging: A Complete Guide To All Of 'True Blood''s Sex Scenes

Yeah, True Blood is a show about vampires and werewolves and werepanthers and fairies and witches and Dionysian cults, but it's also a show about sex. In the past six seasons, True Blood has given us so many weird, wacky and downright hot sex scenes, that it's hard to keep them all straight.

Which is why we've put together a complete guide of all of True Blood's sex scenes. Hey, it's for science.

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Want to know when Bill and Sookie first hooked up? That would be Season One, Episode Six, "Cold Ground."

What about the episode when Sookie hallucinated that she was in bed with Eric for the first time? That's Season Two, Episode Nine, "I Will Rise Up."

How many orgies did Maryann throw? We counted four, though they are spread out over more than four episodes (and we don't count the ceremony in the Season Two finale because we didn't see anyone having sex during it).

So the next time you want to know just how much sex Jason Stackhouse had, you can peruse our compendium of all of the sex scenes in True Blood and keep in mind that he's probably having more off-screen.

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