So About that New Dating Site Solely for Disney Fanatics...

When you wish upon a profile picture.

If you get off to Disney movies, today is your lucky today. A new dating site called just launched for all of you guys and gals trying to find someone as hot for Mickey and Minnie as you are. Are you semi-disturbed? So was I. Are you questioning all you thought you knew about romance and humanity? So was I. Notice how I'm using past tense here. After spending some time on the site and checking off boxes asking me about my favorite Disney songs and how often I visit a Disney park (yes, once a week is an option), I realized I need to stop hating and open my mind. Here's why.

Know that the site was created by a Disney fan and former Disneyland engineer. California resident and self-proclaimed "software geek" Dave Tavres was frustrated when popular dating sites didn't ask questions about the beloved brand. Rude, Anyway, he's expressed that he "found it hard to find women who were as interested in Disney as [he is].” He saw a problem, and could provide all of the solutions he, and a world filled with Disney stans, needs.

But I won't lie. Did I feel super creepy knowing a romantic match of mine could be based on cartoons and songs I worshipped when I was six? Um, yup. Yup I did. Mindlessly going through the search process on the site quickly made me feel like I was in pedophilia heaven. I considered immediately going to take a shower. And this all came after my initial reaction of: Are we really becoming that desperate to find love and that unwilling to meet people like us the old-fashioned way? By like, speaking? Not only do I find myself concerned, but also somewhat sad. It's gotten this far.

Then my conscious kicked in and I felt like a horrible person. Just because I'm not looking for a Mickey or Minnie to bone or to love, doesn't mean there aren't other people out there who are. There's Dave. And maybe that's enough. Besides, everyone is into their own s--t. That's what the "Fetish" category on PornHub is for. And who are we to judge whether or not something is "weird" because it isn't the norm?

I read the tagline, " is the place to connect people who love Disney and who want that same magic in their relationship," and it pulls at my heartstrings. We can't judge these people. So what if they're in their thirties and sleep with Frozen sheets? It gives me hope for them, and for myself, that there's someone out there into the same freaky s--t as we are.

Plus, I'd be lying through my teeth if I said I didn't have some of the Mulan soundtrack on my iPod.