Watching Leslie Jones Watch the Olympics is Better Than Watching the Olympics

WARNING: You may never watch the Olympics the same again.

The Olympics have arrived!

The whole world is tuned in as the best athletes compete against one another other to win the coveted olympic gold medal. The United States who have a whopping 554 members competing, 292 being women, marks the most women who have ever competed for any nation in Olympic Games history. It's a great time to be alive for a U.S. fan, and there is no one more hype than comedian Leslie Jones.

Since the start of the games early Saturday, Jones has been posting continuously to her Instagram, hilariously cheering on American athletes (mainly swimmers) with more hype than Pokemon GO. Her level of excitement will make your viewing party look like total amateur hour. Her commentary makes the games unbelievably funnier that you won't want to go back to watching it on TV again. NBC take notes.

Watch her posts below.