Drew Elliott Sits Down With the Model Who Is Ready to Make Curvy Girls Proud in This 'America's Next Top Model' Exit Interview

Her infectious positivity and killer photos kept her in the competition, but they weren't enough to win her the title.

Last night's finale of America's Next Top Model was full of twists and turns that could leave you with emotional whiplash. One of the most shocking moments? When Tyra Banks and the Top Model panelists decided to send home a model who was a front-runner for much of the competition.

Khrystyana was the last curvy model standing in the competition, but when it came to embracing herself and her performances in the final challenges, the body positive model whose confidence propelled her through the competition suddenly started doubting herself. It was no longer enough for her to take a photo worthy of the Top Model title, she had to shine like a Top Model. Drew Elliott sat down with Khrystyana to catch up and hear about her time in the competition.

At 32 years old, Khrystyana was one of the models who benefited from Mama TyTy's decision to do away with the age limit on the competition. The curvy model from Russia wowed judges from the start with her confidence. She won challenge after challenge and was largely considered the one to beat in the house.

Throughout the competition, she kept a positive attitude and knew that it was all about growth. The model told Drew, "I know I grew emotionally. As a model I know I'm much stronger and...A lot! Mentally, I'm just just different. I'm going in there! I'm going in there in real life!"

And "going in there" she is! We're sure she's going to take Ashley Graham's request seriously and...

curvy girls

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