Attention: You Now Can Have Samuel L. Jackson's Voice on Your Voicemail

This is all you'll listen to today.

Samuel L. Jackson has a voice created by literal angels. It's the perfect mix of soothing, powerful and oh-so-enticing. Much like Morgan Freeman, hearing Sir Jackson speak in movies is a religious experience. No joke--you reach a higher power listening to this man say nouns.

And now SLJ's magnetic pipes can be on your cellphone voicemail. You can thank Stephen Colbert for this incredible present, because the Late Show host had Sam record a message on his talk show Monday night. And the results? Tears of mother-effing joy.

Stephen asked Sam to do the deed, and the Hateful Eight actor gladly obliged. "Hi. You know who you called," he said. "Leave a message. Maybe they'll call you back. Then again, maybe they won't. That's how life is. Point is: You've done what you can. Have a nice day."

Pure magic. Watch Samuel say these heavenly words in the video above, and head over to the Late Show website to snag the audio for yourself.