'Game Of Thrones'' Kit Harington, 'Walking Dead''s Steven Yeun Answer The Most Important Question Ever

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Here at Comic-Con, fans have been lined up for days, waiting to see today's Hall H panels for Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Some of them are super into those shows for their important themes or their amazing stories. And, yeah, we like those things too, but we also like to sit and imagine that the show's heroes are secretly in love with us. After Entertainment Weekly's Brave New Warriors panel with Doctor Who's Matt Smith, Grimm's David Giuntoli, Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey, GoT's Kit Harington and Walking Dead's Steven Yeun, VH1 caught up with Harington and Yeun to ask them this all important question: Who makes the better boyfriend, them or their character?

"I think I'm probably better," Harington said of himself versus Jon Snow. "I say that because Jon is somewhat new to having a girlfriend. He's got a lot of mistakes to make, and I feel like I've made those mistakes now, so I feel like I'm a bit further along the line than he is, maybe."

"Oh, Glenn!" Yeun responded. "He's just nicer. Not that I'm not nice. Glenn is just a sweet guy and he wants the best for everyone. He just doesn't know what that is yet. He's pretty cool, and I try to be like him, I guess."

Now a bigger question for you: Would you kick either of these guys out of bed?

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