These '90s Stars Are Twinning With Their Children So Hard It's Scary

The resemblance is striking.

As technology and political bullsh*t continue to drastically change the world we live in, the 1990s seem like such a long time ago. For celebrities it was an era of booming music, big Hollywood budgets, and ground-breaking moments that helped usher pop culture into the new millennium. All these decades later, some of the stars of that era have matured like fine wine and have real life adult responsibilities, like children. Though we often find ourselves feeling nostalgic for the days in which our TV screens were graced with their dreamy faces, we can now look forward to seeing their unmistakable offspring follow their famous footsteps. Stars like Diddy, Cindy Crawford and Lauryn Hill all have youngins' that take after them in looks and in some cases, talent too.

Flip the cards to reveal just how much these '90s stars and their kids look-alike.

Comedian Michelle Buteau rants about the expectations of our post baby world and why celebrities should probably get used to it.