Celebrities Speak Out Against Donald Trump's Muslim Ban

Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, T.I. and more stars voice opposition to the president's executive order.

By Jasmine Washington

Social media was on fire last night as a slew of celebrities vented their frustrations with President Donald Trump's executive order completely blocking US entry to Syrian refugees and a number of other predominately Muslim countries. The highly unpopular order also prohibits US entry to citizens from seven predominately Muslim countries for the next 90 days. Protests were held in various cities around the US, and even shut down major airports, as many Americans hit the streets in solidarity with many Muslims who were ultimately detained upon entering the US because of the order.

Stars from Kim Kardashian to Kerry Washington and Rihanna shared their thoughts on Trump's #MuslimBan via Twitter.

The outrage didn't end there. Tyrese, T.I., Spike Lee and others took to Instagram voicing their displeasure with the ban.

A federal judge has since granted the America's Civil Liberties Union's "request for a nationwide temporary injunction that will block the deportation of all people stranded in U.S. airports under President Trump’s new Muslim ban," much to the relief of many Americans on social media and beyond.

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