This Afro Tutorial Featuring Amara La Negra Should Answer All Your Questions About Her "Real" Hair

Don't ever play yourself...the 'fro is real.

It's no secret that the overwhelming majority of Love & Hip Hop Miami fans are high-key obsessed with Amara La Negra's beauty, but there have been questions floating around about her larger than life Afro. Some folks seem to think her luscious 'fro may be a wig or at the very least have added pieces for fullness. Oh but boy, do we have news for you.

In this video, a very tender-headed Amara gets her braids taken out by her mom/BFF. As you can see in the video, her braids gradually unravel and her signature Afro starts to form. Amara laughs through the pain as her mom untangles the knots delicately, but eventually we see her beautiful, and natural, hair come to life.

In fact, a little research reveals Amara and her full head of hair go back like babies and pacifiers. Here's one of her behind the scenes looks from a 2010 video shoot. Yep, the 'fro was already thriving.

This isn't the first time Amara has had to address questions and comments about her looks. When people started questioning the authenticity of her dark skin tone, reality TV newcomer posted throwback videos of her childhood stage performances to set the record straight. "Not Only Was I 'BORN' with 'Black Face'," she captions an old video. "I Was also born with a 'Black Body!' Lmao you guys be killing me!"

Not Only Was I “BORN” with “Black Face” I Was also born with a “Black Body!” Lmao you guys be killing me! I was 6yrs here in one of the most important Latin networks #Univision #SabadoGigante In which I worked 6yrs every Saturday as one of there child stars. And ofcourse being the “ONLY!!!” Dark skinned girl i was always placed im the middle or in the back lol

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What will the haters think of next?

Young Hollywood and Amara just can't see eye to eye. Somehow, Hollywood manages to insult Amara in the middle of his apology to her.