Twitter Crucifies Kyrie Irving After Seeing This Pic of Rumored Boo Kehlani in Bed With PARTYNEXTDOOR

No chill.

Another day, another shady Instagram post.

PARTYNEXTDOOR posted (and deleted) a suggestive picture on the 'gram this afternoon that has many jumping to the conclusion that he and Kehlani are dating. The picture shows what is thought to be PARTY and Kehlani's hands intertwined while laying in bed together.

"After all her shenanigans, still got the r&b singer back in my bed," PARTY wrote in the caption field. We screen-grabbed the post for your viewing here.

Kehlani was previously thought to be dating Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving, so you can see why people are now up in arms over the above picture. Many are saying that the "shenanigans" PARTY is referring to in his post are really just code for Irving. Some are also saying that the song PARTY dropped last week, "Come and See Me" featuring Drake, is about Kehlani.

Irving went public with his relationship with Kehlani on Instagram back in January. Kehlani recently deactivated her IG account. It's unclear if PARTY's picture is new or old or if it means anything at all. It's also unclear what the hell is going on in this love triangle, if it even is one.

What is clear is that Twitter is crucifying Irving because of all of this. It's the day after Easter and people have no mercy. See what some are saying about the situation below.

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