The Internet Pays a Tearful Homage To President Obama With #ThankYouObama

Fans reflect on President Obama's legacy.

By Jasmine Washington

Barack Obama has a little more than two months left as President of the United States and many people are sad to see him go. BET aired its Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration last night (Nov 15.) to honor our current commander-in-chief, and things got emotional.

The beautiful tribute encouraged viewers to share what they were most thankful to Obama for through the #ThankYouObama hashtag. Of course, the initiative quickly took on a life of its own and wound up a trending topic.

Many Twitter users praised President Obama for the great things he's managed to accomplish over the course of his two-term presidency.

The gracious outpouring of gratitude quickly took a turn for the worse when Anti-Obama social media users hijacked the hashtag spewing their displeasure with President Obama. Despite the hate from Twitter trolls, the overwhelming majority of #ThankYouObama entries voiced the opinions of many who are grateful to have witnessed President Barack Obama's two-term presidency.