Cameron Diaz's Pubic Hair, Shailene Woodley's Vitamin D Vagina + More Major Celeb TMI Moments

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Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

Shailene Woodley


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This is a celebrity gossip and entertainment site, so obviously we love to have a little bit of a sneak peek into the fabulous and scandalous lives of our favorite celebrities. However, sometimes we find out a bit too much about our favorite stars. Like, did we really need to know about Cameron Diaz's pubic hair or that Shailene Woodley likes to get some sun down in the place where the sun don't shine?

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Celebrities often claim that they don't want the press to intrude into their private lives, but sometimes they're the ones sharing way too much information. Sure, we want to know all about where celebs shop, what clothes they're wearing and who they are dating. However, we really don't need to know about their sex lives.

Like, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton really didn't need to announce to a red carpet reporter that they "f*cked in the car" en route to the premiere. And when Michael Douglas revealed that he had lung cancer, we were all very concerned. We became even more concerned for him when he revealed that the reason he got lung cancer was from performing cunnilingus. That's great for Catherine Zeta-Jones, but we really didn't need to know.

We really, really didn't need to know about any of the celeb factoids on this list.

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