Is G-Herbo a Student of the Game or Will He Have His 'Hip Hop Card Revoked'?

How much rap nostalgia does he know?

It's time to see if this new school rapper knows his history. For our latest game of Hip Hop Card Revoked, Chicago rapper G-Herbo is in the hot seat. Herbo bursted onto the scene in 2012 with his viral hit "Kill Sh*t," which garnished over 24 million views on YouTube, now he's going to try to kill these trivia questions. The 2015 XXL Freshman, has worked with some of raps best including Nicki Minaj and Common, but does he know the contributions of a couple '90s superstars?

He was born in 1995, but don't let his age fool you. As he takes on tough throwback rap questions like "What year was Nas' Illmatic released?" and "What New York City recording studio was the scene of Tupac's robbery and shooting in 1994?" G-Herbo puts on for the new school rappers. Watch below, and also take the Hip Hop Card Revoked quiz for yourself and see how down with hip hop you truly are.