Is Superman Holding Batman Hostage in This New 'Dawn of Justice' Sneak Peek?

That's what it looks like. The humanity!

Are you counting down the days until Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice rolls into theaters March 25, 2016? Well, this is going to make the wait a little bit easier.

Warner Bros. dropped a crazy 49-second preview of the new film last night, and it shows Superman--the strong, good-natured nice guy--holding Batman hostage. Or at least we think. Is Superman bad now?! Is Batman losing his touch? The humanity!

The brisk clip opens with Batman (Ben Affleck) and other dudes chained to the ceiling in a dusty basement (?) while armed men keep guard. Seconds later, Superman (walking orgasm Henry Cavill) drops in, and he looks pissed. Really pissed. (And Batman looks terrified.)

Then, Superman does the unthinkable: He--wait for it--unmasks Batman to reveal his true identity. BEN. AFFLECK. Is this the end of the Dark Knight? My Bruce Wayne-loving heart can't stand it!

I'm not a huge fan of superhero films, but I have to admit: This looks badass, and I'm very intrigued. I've enjoyed recent comic blockbusters like The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and Man of Steel (2013) because of their brilliant blend of action-packed sequences, real character development and authentic drama. It seems like Dawn of Justice will continue the trend of superhero flicks with brains, and cheers to that.

A new full-length trailer for the movie will air on Jimmy Kimmel Live Dec. 2. What do you think of the new teaser? Sound off in the comments.