What Does Lil' Kim Think About Nicki Minaj Throwing Shade at Her?

Does she GAF?

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Cat fight! During her acceptance speech at Sunday's BET Awards, Nicki Minaj said something that — at first listen — seems harmless, but actually might be some shade pointed toward her longtime rival Lil' Kim.

"Please make it your business to follow your dreams because one day, you will wake up and look around and your dreams will be gone. And then you'll be mad at somebody, but be mad at your f—kin' self." Could this be a low-key dig to Lil' Kim, whose career hasn't exactly been on the upswing since Nicki's debut a few years back?

If so, the original hip-hop queen isn't phased in the slightest. Sources told The Gossip Table via that Lil' Kim thinks Nicki should be thanking her for blazing the trail for female rappers. She also threw a little shade of her own. Check out the video above to get more information.