The Internet Clowns Drake After Debuting New Flaming Skull Tattoo

Some tattoos are a hit, and others are a miss.

By Jasmine Washington

No matter how many albums he's sold or how popular, Drake is not too big to be excluded from social media scrutiny. The Views rapper instantly became the butt of the Internet's joke after debuting his latest tattoo.

Tattoo artist to the stars Doctor Woo took to social media proudly sharing a pic of Drake's black and white flaming skull 'unruly' arm tattoo.

Drake and Doctor Woo may have been happy with the new ink, but fans quickly took to social media clowning the rapper's latest piece of body art.

Although Drizzy's latest tattoo might have been a miss with fans, Drake's other tattoos like his Aaliyah tribute and matching shark tat with on-again off-again girlfriend Rihanna were way more well received than this one.

Check out 5 hilarious responses to Drake's new tattoo below and tell us what you think of Drake's new ink.