The New Bobby Lytes Admits He Can't Even Stand to Look at His Season One Self in this 'Love & Hip Hop Miami' Web Exclusive

"I just wish I kept my cool a little bit more."

Oh, if only Bobby could turn back time.

In taking a look at his old self in the Love & Hip Hop Miami web exclusive, Bobby Lytes can admit that he's not too proud of how he carried himself during the show's debut season. One of his least favorite moments, was when he confronted Malik during the pool party for his relationship with Jeffey. "I would go to places and people's first initial line to me is, 'Don't slap me now,' and I'm like, No! I'm not like that at all." Bobby is sweet and now that he's older and wiser, he realizes there's a time and a place for everything- mainly, you can just smack people in the comfort of your own home. It's less public that way.

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