The Models Try Not to Get Blown Away By the Competition in This 'America's Next Top Model' Highlight

Prepare to be blown away.

This week on America's Next Top Model, the models were tasked with a powerful photo shoot...or should we say photo-chute.

Always trying to find ways to challenge the women, this week the remaining contestants were attached to a parachute in the middle of the desert while Drew Elliott stood by yelling, "Movement! Movement! Movement!" and "Blown away! Give me blown away!"

This, for reference, is "The Blown Away."

blown away

Brendi K says that this shoot is all about feeling and being powerful. "The wind trying to knock you away and the parachute trying to pull you, but you're still standing strong." Which model will totally fly high and nail their 'chute, and which will fall flat? Watch the clip above to find out.

Tune in to America's Next Top Model on Tuesdays at 8/7c to see which girl will be blown away from the competition.