Papoose Gets a Tattoo Of Remy Ma's Sonogram + Releases a New Single Dedicated to Their Unborn Child

"I want y'all to know I'm gonna love this baby just as much as I love y'all."

Can you tell Papoose is excited about this baby?

Papoose consistently proclaims from the mountain top his love for his wife Remy Ma and now that the two are expecting their first child together, he opted for a more permanent symbol.

On the most recent episode of Remy and Papoose: Meet the Mackies, Pap links up with a pizza-craving Remy to tell her about his recent tattoo session. He hits her with a sonogram tattoo which Remy finds to be the "most over the top thing that Papoose has done," however, she also kind of likes it. She couldn't wait until the tattoo was posted to social media so fans could tell Papoose he's crazy too, but it seems like they're feeling it.

With comments like "Tat is dope," "Boss moves only," and an infinite number of fire emojis, the people agree that Pap has some dope artwork done by David Pracise on his forearm. He may be doing the most now, but he needs the rest of his kids and his wife to know that he loves the baby just as much as he loves everyone else. But for now, it's about the Golden Child and as a lyricist, it's important that Pap's music is dedicated to the baby. He tells Remy about his plans to do a song over their child's heartbeat and as promised, he delivered.

"The Golden Child" featuring Remy Ma and Angelica Villa is now available for purchase on iTunes. In this ode to his unborn child, Papoose shares his anticipation in taking care of his baby Mackie. Remy raps about the pain she felt during her miscarriage and the joy she now feels knowing she's weeks away from meeting their baby. Take a listen to this love letter and if you're digging it, the album Underrrated is now available to pre-order.

You can continue to watch Remy and Pap's love flourish each and every Monday at 9/8c on Remy & Papoose: Meet the Mackies.