Amara La Negra Heats Up SPF Weekend In Jamaica And Spills Details About Her New Man and Her Love of Lizzo

Amara Le Negra talks new music with Spice, her ultimate celebrity girl squad, and what fans can expect from her on new season of Love and Hip Hop Miami.

SPF Weekend is Jamaica's annual weekend of parties for the mature and sophisticated. Hosted in Ocho Rios, SPF Weekend attracts both local and international party revelers throughout Jamaica's Emancipation holiday weekend at venues throughout Ocho Rios. It's the ultimate summer experience with a high energy entertainment platform, and this year, none other than Love & Hip Hop Miami's Amara La Negra was slated to perform. We caught up with the musician while she was there.

VH1: It’s great to see you here in Jamaica! What are you doing this weekend?

Amara La Negra: Thank you! This weekend I am hosting the Fully Loaded DJ Music Festival, and tomorrow I perform at Pearly Beach.

VH1: Are you excited to perform?

Amara: I am excited, I’m anxious and I’m a little bit nervous because it’s a different audience for me. I come from the Caribbean so I feel that we have a lot of things in common but it is still new audience.. so I’m a little anxious, but it's going to be good.

VH1: Did you reach out to Spice for any words of encouragement?

Amara: I did, shout out to my girl Spice, an by the way, we having something coming out real soon. I love her and support her 100 percent, her message as well. Pro-melanin queens! You know I am also an activist for the Afro-Latino community so this is going be great for us to come together and do music together.

VH1: Absolutely! I can’t wait. What can fans expect from you on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Miami?

Amara: This season I want people to see the evolution of Amara la Negra from the first season to the third season, how I have grown. You know I got my mom her empanada shop, it’s called Empandalicious on Ocean Drive and 11th, next to Versace. Also, my love life which, I guess it’s not a surprise anymore, but I’m dating Shay Johnson's brother, MJ Johnson, and you know that is going be interesting. I just finished doing Black Lady Sketch Show which I’m very excited about that cause I feel like this is the beginning of many more things to come. I really want to get more in the acting field.

VH1: You’re killing it! I have one last question for you: If you could invite anyone on a girl’s cruise who would it be and why?

Amara: Gabrielle Union, I think she is so cute, and she seems like she is that positive vibe in the club, she's going keep us focused. I would definitely say Rihanna, she's so lit and fun and just wild and free. I’m curious about Megan the Stallion obviously, her twerking skills I mean, come On! How do you not have a girl that can twerk like that in your in your party? Hmm and one more girl, if I could have one more girl who would it be, oh my God, Lizzo!!

VH1: That’s a great ensemble, I want to come too!

Amara: Come on!

Catch Amara when Love & Hip Hop Miami returns to VH1 this fall.