Ghosts of Eliminated 'Scared Famous' Contestants Are Doing the Most in the Afterlife

"Here I am, guess I better get into being a ghost now."

The remaining roommates inside the Scared Famous house just said goodbye to Alaska. Sis will be missed for her fierce fashion no matter the occasion and her wicked sense of humor. Alaska's roommates came to deliver her umbrella to the grave site, because its likely she'll be throwing shade in the afterlife. I guess this was the appropriate time for the living cast to catch up with their other dearly departed roommates. All of the ghosts have very different feelings about adjusting to the afterlife.

Of course Tiffany "New York" Pollard is not bothered at all being dead because according to her, "it's like being high all the time." Drita isn't too phased either considering she was married to a mobster in her last life. Being dead obviously isn't very glamorous so it's no surprise that Ms. Nikki Baby might not be adjusting as easily. Check out the video above to see exactly how the afterlife is going for all of the fallen competitors and how the roommates are getting along without them.