Watch Brooke Lay the Perfect Trap for Marcus and Then Confront Him About the Fact That He's Still Married

And she did it all dressed as a French maid.

Apparently there's an easy way to get answers out of your man, ladies. And all it takes is a home-cooked meal, a French maid costume, and the right attitude. At least that's the direction that Brooke Valentine decided to take it when she invited Marcus Black over for dinner and dessert: The dessert in this situation is good ol' confrontation.

Marcus thought letting Brooke hang out with his mom was the best idea he's ever had, especially after being greeted at the door by Brooke in a French maid costume (I have some questions though. Like, aren't those costumes pretty flammable? Aren't you worried about burns where you don't necessarily want burns? The people need to know, Brooke.) But it turns out, Brooke was just showing Marcus what he'd be missing if he didn't shape up.

In probably the most iconic toast in the history of toasts, Marcus says, "To us." And Brooke responds, "And... your wife?"


Because even though Brooke is ready to sign the dotted line on a marriage certificate, Marcus hasn't been able to sign the dotted line on his divorce paperwork. Apparently, every time he goes to sign the papers, "there's always a little distraction." Interesting...

While Marcus seems to talk his way out of the scenario and ends up pretty cozy with Brooke, we'll have to see if Brooke can forgive Marcus for lying to her about his divorce being final.

So the next time you need answers, you might want to take a page from Brooke's book, ladies. Tune in for more Love & Hip Hop Hollywood drama on Mondays at 8 ET.