Proof that North West Could Kick a Grown Man's Ass

...verbally. And probably physically, too.

She's mastered the art of demanding a room like a real-life princess. She dresses better than her fashion designer dad. She's now queen of the clap backs. She's not even three.

North West is handling all of the fame she never asked for quite nicely. And by nicely, I mean very strongly. And aggressively. Kim put up a video of her little princess demanding mom takes "no pictures!!!" of her. The world thinks it's adorable. I'm sitting here terrified.

Telling the paps to beat it is one thing, but you're own mom?! North's enraged expression followed by incidental physical reaction has me so convinced she could kick my ass, I may just sleep with one eye open and move far, far away from Los Angeles. The fire in those eyes can only come from the spawn of Yeezus. One wrong move and even Floyd Mayweather would be f---ed.

Is assertive North a chip off the old Kanye block? Is this a case of the terrible twos? Are we safe?

I wish I had the answers, I really do.