Here's What Jordan Peele's Wife Thinks Of 'Get Out'

Chelsea Peretti's sense of humor is like none other.

Jordan Peele's directorial debut Get Out, a horror thriller based on race relations, continues to make waves as one of this year's greatest box office hits. But isn't it a little awkward, you know...considering he is half white and married to a white woman?

One twitter fan, like many of us, wondered how Peele's wife, comedian Chelsea Peretti, felt about her husband's movie which stars a Black guy (Daniel Kaluuya) being preyed upon by his white girlfriend's (Allison Wlliams) family. Based on her hilarious response, she and the rest of the Peretti family aren't really offended.

Peretti, who stars in the comedy sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, had been dating Peele for over three years when in April 2016, he revealed they had eloped during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Peretti announced their marriage on Instagram, saying that their adorable dog was the only witness. In early February, the couple shared the news that they're expecting their first child.

You gotta love a couple that can take a joke, right?

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