Evelyn Would Rather Starve Than Have Dinner with Jennifer In This 'Basketball Wives' Sneak Peek

"The tension in this room is thick. I mean, like, THICK thick. You could cut it with a knife....or an axe."

The second Jennifer and Evelyn stepped foot in the same room, things started going downhill.

The Basketball Wives women are just trying to have fun on their vacation in San Diego, but it's pretty hard to get past the discomfort between Evelyn and Jennifer. In an effort to ease the tension, Jackie suggests getting some champagne into everyone's systems--but this feud just might be too strong for the powers of alcohol.

Evelyn makes it very clear that she isn't gonna be part of any dinner that involves Jennifer, which is when she suggests splitting the group up into two. As if that wasn't already enough trouble for one trip, Malaysia hops on the anti-dinner train, saying she'd rather starve then play nice at dinner with O.G.

And even though Jennifer seems to be getting under everyone else's skin, she's just trying to lay out by the pool and sip on something other than some "negative juice." Same, girl. Same.

Will the girls keep walking on eggshells to avoid each other all weekend? Tune in to Basketball Wives on Wednesday at 8/7c!