Vivica A. Fox Wants an Apology (and Her Phone Back) from "Toxic Trick" Kenya Moore

Fox will only forgive her former friend under one circumstance.

Vivica A. Fox and Kenya Moore used to be friends, but became bitter enemies after appearing on Celebrity Apprentice together. Now, the feud continues. As you might recall, Fox was not particularly sympathetic to Moore's plight earlier this week after discovering her Millionaire Matchmaker boyfriend was married.

Also, she apparently never got her phone back after she alleged Moore stole it.

Is there anything that could salvage their friendship? According to The Gossip Table's Delaina Dixon, Fox told her that if Moore was "woman enough" to apologize, they could move on. But other than that, the war will wage on.

See what The Gossip Table has to say about Fox-and-Moore-gate.

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