Christina Aguilera's Manager Shades Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Vegas Residencies in General

Winter weather came early.

Music managing maven Irving Azoff (Maroon 5, No Doubt, Christina Aguilera) recently spoke to Pauly Shore about Christina and the direction of her career. Pauly asked Irving if Xtina would be ready for a Vegas residency anytime soon, a topic that Irving wasn't willing to entertain for long.

"Not time yet,” Irving responded. "[Christina’s] about to go back on The Voice, about to finish her record, about to do another guest shot on Nashville and the record’s amazing."

Okay, all good — that is, until Pauly pressed the subject further. He asked if Irving would entirely rule out a Vegas residency for Xtina, to which Irving served this gloriously subtle hint of shade: "No disrespect to Britney [Spears] or to Jennifer Lopez, who is doing one, or to Shania [Twain], who did one, or any of them, but Christina’s not peaked yet. She’s in the prime of her career. We’ll tour the world, but we’re not ready to sit down in Vegas.”

Best put on your scarves 'cause the temperature in here just dropped at least five degrees. Make no mistake: Xtina is not "ready to sit down" anytime soon, and definitely not in Vegas. Because she hasn't peaked. And you're only Vegas-ready if you've peaked. Or something.

Listen to the interview below via SoundCloud.